Our Story

First Salt After The Rain started with the magic of대자연Daejayeon(Mother Nature).

Some employees working for its holding company Beyondi – Korea’s major premium salt manufacturing plant since 2011 – suffered from three major ailments: atopy, acne and asthma. After working a few months in the salt production line, they realised their skin was clearer and the asthma had disappeared.

From this, in 2016, was born the idea to create the first cleanser for First Salt After The Rain, by brand representative Mr. Kang Woon-Chul. Having already launched its toothpaste, this was a turning point for the brand.

Believing in the power and natural healing properties of salt, First Salt After The Rain is revolutionising Korea’s skincare industry, being the first to use 100% Sinan salt for its personal and skin care products suitable for all skin types.

Today, First Salt After The Rain produces two types of product ranges: premium Grey Salt and Solpy Salt. Products currently available are cleansers, shampoos, body washes, scrubs and travel toothpaste sets.

About Beyondi

Beyondi, was set up inSinan-gun, JeollaProvinceto produce premium, luxury Korean salt, which would sweep the market and become a serious competitor of top French salt brands, includingSel deGuerande.It continues to distribute salt in all major luxury retailing platforms, including all Korean department stores and the SSG food market in Cheongdam.

In 2016, the company opened its office in Seoul and launched its first First Salt After The Rain product, Grey Salt Toothpaste. This would be followed by the Grey Salt range of cleanser, shampoo, body wash and scrub; and the Solpy Salt range of cleanser, shampoo, body wash, scrub and travel toothpaste sets.