First Salt After The Rain is Korea’s newest and revolutionarypersonal and skincare range made from Sinan salt.

All Natural.Preservative Free.Proudly 100% Korean.

First Salt After The Rain, edible jewels of Sinan for your ultimate inner glow.

We believe that when you feel good from the inside out, your world changes. Every First Salt After The Rain product is made with this love to bring out your inner glow and light up your world!

In Korean legend, salt is the symbol of purification and an offering to the gods.First Salt After The Rain celebrates thispurity as the only brand in Korea to use 100% Korean salt – Sinan salt, the edible jewels – in its exceptionalrange of personal and skin care products.

Also 100% produced in our own manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art technology in Seoul, we do not compromise on quality.

✔Made from top 1% salt in the world

✔Certified by xxx [name of governing boards]

✔All-natural with 20-50% salt content in each product

✔Preservative free and incorporated with Chinese herbal formula

✔Anti-inflammatory with healing properties

✔Eliminates toxins

✔Suitable for all skin types

✔91.411%rate of fine dust removal through state-of-the-art technology enables minimal particle size to reduce skin irritation and increase penetrating power without adversely affecting hydration